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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Kerusi Kosong

Kerusi di tepi pohon
basah bercat merah

disinari mentari
kering merekah

hujan turun
membasahi kerusi kosong

kerusi kosong berwarna merah
masih sepi menanti
saat pohon berbunga indah
ada yang sudi duduki

Khadijah A.L
 Klang Bandar Diraja

Saturday, September 7, 2013


Wisdom is like the rain.
Its source is unlimited, but it comes down according to the season.
Grocers put sugar in a bag, but their supply of sugar is not the amount in the bag.
When you come to a grocer, he has sugar in abundance.
But he sees how much money you have brought and gives accordingly.
Your currency on this Path is resolution and faith, and you are taught according to your resolution and faith.
When you come seeking sugar, they examine your bag to see what its capacity is, then they measure out accordingly.
~ Jalaluddin Rumi